As well as yoga teaching, I am a qualified massage therapist with almost 20 years of experience.

I practice two types of massage, Thai Massage and what I refer to as “table massage”.  The table massage can include deep tissue work and swedish massage techniques.

Sessions are available at my home in Upper Holloway, a short walk from the yoga centre.

Timings are Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-2pm.


For current students   £35/hr

All other clients   £50/hr

Parking is available and visitor vouchers are available for £2

I am also available for Thai massage sessions in your home (if it’s within a mile or so radius of Archway) at 12:00-200pm during the week (except Thursdays).  If you have a massage table at your home I can do table massage as well.

Prices for home visit are £65/hr

Please ring me on 07932 557705 to discuss and questions or to book an appointment.

I also do massage at Down to Earth yoga studio in Tufnell Park on Wednesday afternoons from 12-3pm.  Call 020 7018 7657 to book.

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