Days the Studio is Closed

The studio is closed on Moon Days and an amended schedule runs during the school holidays due to Cary’s young family commitments. Please make a note of these days in your diaries and follow the news updates for notice of changes to the regular practice days/times.

Moon Days

Traditionally in Ashtanga Yoga we do not practice when the moon is new and when the moon is full.  This gives us a treat of a day off from the hard work of the practice.  It has been said that the body responds to the moon cycle in a similar way to how the tides respond to the moon cycle.  The body can tend to feel more or less flexible on the moon days, and therefore injury could be more possible when doing one’s normal practice.  These rest days also keep us connected to the rhythms of the planet.

Friday, January 10 – Full Moon
Friday, January 24  – New Moon
Monday, March 9 – Full Moon
Tuesday, March 24 – New Moon

Thursday, April 23 – New Moon

Friday, June 5 – Full Moon


School Holidays & Bank Holidays – No class

February 17-21, Half Term

April 4-17, Easter holiday

May 8, Bank Holiday

May 25-29, Half Term


July 17 – last day of class before summer


WEEKENDS: No practice